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Booking a charter bus can be confusing. You may be wondering if you pay per day, per hour, or per mile. How can you know how much your trip will cost when fees are constantly racking up?

At Attridge Transportation, we pride ourselves in being up-front and transparent with our customers. We not only want to make renting our buses seamless but also affordable. When you book wtih us, you can expect the following factors to dictate the cost of your charter bus rental:

  • Trip Duration: How many hours will you need your bus rental?
  • Trip Length: How many miles are you planning to travel?
  • Trip Date: What are the dates of your trip?

While you can expect a higher quote for longer trips or busier seasons, traveling by group is still much more economical than private or individual transportation. Get a quote today to see for yourself.

Flexibility Pays Off

Because there are dates that are much busier than others, being flexible may actually help you get a lower rate for your bus rental. Our busiest booking days are Friday-Sunday and our busiest booking months are March-May, so if you are able to travel at any of the remaining times, there is a better chance you will not only get your preferred vehicle, but also get it at a lower rate. This may require more planning up front, but our team is always here to help every step of the way!

Bulk Pricing

If you work at or for a company or organization that books trips in bulk, we can put together tailored packages for you. Our bulk packages will save you both time and money as you are planning your adventures. Contact us today to learn more.