Independent School Services


Private Schools

We provide school bus transportation for multiple private schools and colleges in Ontario. Our private routes have dedicated drivers and well-maintained vehicles to ensure reliable and safe transportation. Our operational staff are experienced and trained to assist in designing of routes, booking school/athletic trips and providing exceptional customer service.

We have also worked with private schools to develop parent-funded school bus transportation where we have arranged everything from developing the routes to creating payment plans for parents.

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Parent-Funded Private School Bus Transportation

We offer private (user-pay) student school bus transportation services for parents needing safe, daily transportation for their children. Typically, these students are not eligible for bussing under district school board transportation service policies. School boards are also increasingly offering exciting new regional programs to their curriculum yet they may not include transportation service.

How does private student transportation service work?

Importantly, parents can be assured that our private routes are maintained to the same high level of safety, customer service and efficiency as our traditional home to school services. These routes have dedicated drivers and vehicles ensuring a consistent level of service. We offer flexible payment terms to maximize the opportunity for students to ride on these routes.

Do you already have a private bus going to my school?

Yes! We currently offer private bus service to several schools in the Greater Toronto Area.

Appleby College
St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School
MacLachlan College
King’s Christian Collegiate
The Hill Academy
Bayview Glen
Fern Hill
Chisholm Academy
SuOn Academy
WillowWood School

My community is interested in private busing for our kids — can you help?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to discuss your transportation needs further so contact us today!