Child Check – Manual and Electronic

Child Check - Manual and Electronic

  • Every driver;

    - 72 Passenger - Minibus
    - Wheelchair accessible - Activity Bus
    - Minivan or car


    1. Conduct a child check after every trip. This will require some drivers to conduct multiple checks on every route. Your bus may have an electronic child check system. Know how it works, ask if you need help.

      Look for both passengers and belongings.

      Get up – check on AND under every seat.

      * Children will fall asleep on the floor. You must check on and under each seat.

      Look as you walk from front to back and again look as you walk from back to front.

      Disengage the electronic child check system if your bus has this system.

    2. Post your empty sign in the rear window of the bus. This should be done each time you park the bus.

      Look again on AND under every seat. Look as you walk from front to back and back to front.

    3. The task of completing the child check and posting the empty sign is the sole responsibility of the bus driver. The task cannot be assigned to a student or other passenger.
    4. A driver that fails to complete the child check and post the empty sign will be subject to the progressive disciplinary policy of Attridge Transportation.

    How It Works:

    The Sleeping Child Check Monitor® works in three simple steps:

    1. Warning lights are activated when children enter the bus.
    2. The Sleeping Child Check Monitor® is turned on and becomes engaged when the ignition of the bus is turned off.
    3. In order to deactivate the monitor, the bus driver must move to the back of the bus and depress a button on the monitor.
    4. If a driver fails to deactivate the monitor and exits a door, the horn will sound reminding him or her to check for any sleeping children on the bus.

    The Sleeping Child Check Monitor® (Doran part # SCC-AM) by Doran Mfg. is easy to install and its heavy duty construction prevents breakage.

    How It Works:

    Child Check-Mate System

    1. Safely stop the vehicle at the appropriate unloading location at the school.
    2. Turn the vehicle’s engine OFF. (The system will start to beep.)
    3. Turn the vehicles ignition back to ON.* (The system will sound a reminder tone/ if you have a speaker installed it will say “please conduct your child search now”.)

    Tip: For most setups, you have 3.5 minutes before you need to act.

    1. If students are still disembarking, no problem! Cycle the key to OFF and then back to ON to continue waiting (if you have a speaker, it will say “Please conduct your child search now, or, to continue waiting, cycle the key.”)
    2. Once students have safely disembarked, it’s time to complete your post-trip inspection, and assure that no student has fallen asleep or is hiding behind one of the seats, To give yourself extra time, you can always cycle the key to OFF then back to ON to restart the timer.
    3. Walk to the back of the bus, checking every seat (and under every seat).
    4. Press and hold the stop sign deactivation button for 3 seconds.
    5. The system will confirm that it has been deactivated with a beeping. If you have a speaker it will confirm deactivation by saying “Child Check-Mate has been deactivated”.
    6. Give yourself a pat on the back: by thoroughly checking your vehicle for sleeping children, you’ve assured that ALL of your passengers have safely arrived.

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